Festival Club

The perfect place to discuss Festival Films and meet other festivalgoers.

Wigwam // 54 Middle Abbey Street

Join us at the ADIFF17 Festival Club, Wigwam, for chats, food, drinks, dancing and a series of some great free 'Club Chats'. Check out the full listing here. 

Located in what was once referred to as Cinemaland, a street that was home to the Adelphi, Curzon, and Cameo cinemas, Wigwam is a natural venue to host #ADIFF17. Like the festival programme, Wigwam boasts a strong international flavour wrapped around a relaxed Dublin charm. Festivalgoers cannot survive on popcorn alone and at Wigwam, chef Pedro Feraz has crafted his menu around his Brazillian roots, Italian trattoria training and his Irish home base. 

To complement our daytime programme, you can depend on Vice Coffee to serve up some of Dublin's best coffee, amazing toasties and a decadent selection from the Dublin Doughnut Co. For post-screening socialising, enjoy a pint from Dublin's own 5 Lamps Brewery, our beverage partner.

So consider yourself invited to an exciting and lively lineup of daily panel events, discussions and post-screening pints, chats, and dancing.

Directions to Wigwam.