Festival 2014 Pyrotechnics And Pistols

Festival Category: Workshops & Events

Duration: 60 minutes

Venue: Cineworld

Fri 21st Feb 2014


Rescheduled for 16:00 on Friday February 21

The 12th Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is delighted to present a demonstration of practical special effects. In partnership with Film FX Ireland, Ashford, and the Stunt Guild of Ireland, there will be a live demonstration on Friday 14 February at 2pm.

Special effects form a broad range of resources at a film-maker’s disposal, from something as simple as smoke or rain to fire and explosions. In a digital age practical special effects still have a major role to play. JDIFF invites you to come along and see Hollywood- style effects scenarios unfold on the streets of Dublin. Post-demonstration, the F/X and stunt teams will field questions from the audience about how they co-ordinate and organise realistic action sequences in a safe and secure environment. This is an exciting and unique opportunity not to be missed!

Free and Unticketed