The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales / Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes

Directed by Patrick Imbert
  • France
  • 1hr 23mins
  • 2017

Energetic animation and great humour and sight gags loom large in this film from attending director Patrick Imbert Oscar nominee Benjamin Renner, sourced from his own graphic novel.

There’s a spirit of the classic ‘Looney Tunes’ style in the zany sense of fun in this movie, a three-part story in which characters we think we know as ‘types’ are anything but. The action, peppered with little wisdoms, is set around such vibrant characters as a cute but clumsy rabbit, a wacky duck and a well-meaning pig.

Prepare to be tickled! A pig who acts like a stork, a fox that dresses as a chicken and a duck pretending to be Santa. Need we say more?

Sarah Ahern, Fantastic Flix Programmer

Kamel Abdessadok
Jules Bienvenu
Guillaume Bouchède

Filmmaker in Attendance

Director Patrick Imbert will attend this screening.

Schedule & Tickets

4 Mar 11:00 Light House Cinema Book