The Volta Award

The Volta Award is the festival’s most prestigious award which is given to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the world of film.

Previous Volta Award recipients

The AUDI-ence Award

The AUDI-ence Award is given to the films that the audiences have voted as their favourite. This award is available for both short and feature film with a prize for the feature film winner which includes a trip to the Berlinale.

Previous AUDI-ence Award recipients

The ADIFF Discovery Award

The ADIFF Discovery Award supports and nurtures emerging Irish talent. The programme offers unique mentoring opportunities for nominees with Festival guests as well as networking opportunities. This Award is overseen by a jury panel.

Previous ADIFF Discovery Award recipients

Best Irish & Best International Short Film

Best Irish & Best International Film supports and nurtures emerging Irish & International talent in the short film form.

Previous Short Film Award recipients

Fantastic Flix Children's Jury Award

In collaboration with The Ark's Children's Council and the Irish Film Classificiation Office, the Fantastic Flix Children's Jury vote for the favourite Feature Film and Short Film from within the ADIFF Fantastic Flix programme.

Previous Fantastic Flix Children's Jury Award Recipients

The Dublin Film Critics Circle

The Dublin Film Critics Circle award their favourite Irish and International titles each year.

Previous DFCC Award recipients