We love, love.

And we love watching films about love, even when it doesn't work out. Some of the greatest love stories of all time don't have a happy ending and there's something about the tragedy of it all that just...inspires us.

We're looking at you Before Sunrise. And Moulin Rouge.

So seeing as Valentine's Day is just around the corner, we've selected five films about love that we think you'll enjoy- but be warned, it's not always rosy in the #VMDIFF22 garden d'amour.

1. Films Where Love Goes Well (kinda)

March 4th, Lighthouse Cinema

NÖ is a darkly funny, romantic comedy that follows the story of a millennial couple as they raise their child and try to figure out just what exactly their relationship is (what ARE we??). It's definitely one for those looking for a feel-good story and have a dark sense of humour. Watch the trailer here.

Cleaner, February 26th, Odeon Point Square

Cleaner is a short film included in the wonderful lineup of Shorts Programme 3 which also features the Irish Documentary 'Nothing to Declare'. Cleaner tells the story of Angela who works as a cleaner in Mairead's home. It's a story of the kind of slow bloom that love and relationships can take. Check out it out here.

2. Films Where Love Gets Complicated

Fire, March 1st, Light House Cinema

Juliette Binoche stars in the melancholic drama Fire (Both Sides of the Blade). Sara (Binoche) although blissfully happy in her marriage, finds herself falling in love with her former lover and friend of her husband. A spellbinding story of how complicated love can get. Book tickets here.

Anais in Love, February 28th, Cineworld

Anais Demoustier (who starred alongside Juliette Binoche in the French hit Elles) plays Anais in Love and she's in love with...a few people. Anais starts an affair with a married man only to find herself falling for and pursuing sa femme. A hilarious rom-com executed only as the French can. Anais in Love is a fantastic watch for love bugs and singles alike. Watch the trailer and book tickets here.

3. Films Where It All Goes Wrong

Murina, February 28th, Light House Cinema

Murina is a hugely tense and gripping film that doesn't have a minute to spare-the pacing of this film is exquisite. Julija is a teenager, on the cusp of womanhood, under the control of an overbearing father and worn-down mother. Murina (winner of a top accolade the Camera d’Or at Cannes) is a search for freedom and a quiet masterpiece from executive producer Martin Scorsese. Click here for more info.

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