10,000 Km

The paradox of recent technology – why do devices meant to enable human communication wind up hindering it? – is sensitively and movingly explored in 10,000 km. This beautifully acted love story is mediated through video-chat sessions, text messages and the occasional phone call, offering a resonant angle on the age-old dilemma of lovers separated by geography.

The sense of a filmmaker who knows what he’s doing is evident from the first frame: thirtysomethings Alex (Natalia Tena) and Sergi (David Verdaguer), making love in their Barcelona apartment. That intimacy soon slips away as Alex finds she’s been offered a year-long artist’s residency in Los Angeles. Within a few weeks she’s making new friends. The world seems full of possibility, but not for Sergi, who finds himself increasingly marginal in his girlfriend’s life.

Verdaguer breaks down the Latin lover stereotype, while Tena makes a virtue of her character’s indecision. In a film so perceptive about the difficulties of human interaction, this is acting that never fails to hold the viewer close.

Justin Chang Variety

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