A Prayer For The Wind Horse

Directed by John Murray
  • Ireland
  • 75 minutes
  • 2010

The Wind Horse is a mythical Tibetan creature which combines the power of the wind and the strength of the horse to carry prayers from Earth to the Gods. Every year, it is called upon by villagers living high on the Tibet-Nepal border to give them the courage and stamina to undertake a journey through some of the wildest mountain terrain in the Himalaya -an odyssey that defines almost every aspect of their earthly existence.

Shot over three months in full High Definition, filmmaker John Murray follows one family man, Kharma Tshering, as he guides his wife and children through one of the most hazardous human endeavours on the planet. They must escape their mountain home before the winter snows cut them off without enough food to survive until spring. On foot and yak, their journey is always a race against time and weather. And for Kharma, this year’s journey brings unexpected personal tragedy.

Gráinne Humphreys, JDIFF