Adiff Shorts 2

The Way of Tea WRITER-DIRECTOR: Marc Fouchard / France / 20 mins A small town in Northern France, Alex, a young skinhead, enters a grocery store. Love is a Sting DIRECTOR: Vincent Gallagher / Ireland / 18 mins WRITER: Benjamin Cleary A struggling children’s writer gains an unexpected house guest in the form of an ageing, hyper-intelligent mosquito named Anabel. The Bathtub DIRECTOR: Tim Ellrich / Austria / 13 mins WRITERS: Tim Ellrich, Dominik Huber Three brothers try to dive back into their childhood through an old family picture of them in the bathtub. The Break DIRECTORS: Dennis Fitzpatrick, Ken Williams / Ireland / 17 mins WRITER: Ken Williams The Break is a story about a family: Tim and his two sons, Seán and Scott. It’s post-economic-crash Ireland and they’re down on their luck. Geist WRITER-DIRECTORS: Ben Harper, Sean Mullen, Alex Sherwood / Ireland / 11 mins A shipwrecked fisherman takes shelter in an abandoned house on a remote island, but soon realises he is not alone. How Was Your Day WRITER-DIRECTOR: Damien O’Donnell / Ireland / 13 mins A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child. Ave Maria Director: Basil Khalil / Palestine / 15 mins Writers: Basil Khalil, Daniel Yanez The nuns of the Sisters of Mercy Convent, have their daily routine of silence and prayer disrupted when a family of Jewish settlers come knocking at their door. Absense Director: Rob Savage / UK / 3 mins Writers: Rob Savage & Jed Sherperd A short film about the grieving process starring Paul McGann