WINNER: Robert Prize for Best Children/Youth Film NOMINATED: Best Children’s Film, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

“It’s like Kick-Ass for kids” - Cliff Wheatley, IGN

Moon-faced Oscar Dietz plays the very likable Pelle, whose invisibility is not a superpower but an everyday social curse. Teachers get his name wrong, and the girl of his dreams, class “it” girl Amanda (Cecilie Alstrup Tarp), doesn’t know he’s alive.

In circumstances that echo Peter Parker’s transformation to Spider-Man, Pelle is bitten by an ant that escaped from a scientific experiment. The world goes blurry, he passes out, and when he wakes he has newfound strength and an assortment of talents that include the ability to scale buildings. Most strange is the corrosive, acid-like quality of a particular bodily fluid.

Fueling his powers with candy, he fashions an Antboy alter ego — and costume — with the assistance and expertise of classmate Wilhelm (Samuel Ting Graf), a Spidey fanboy who becomes Pelle’s guide to the superhero realm. Adults barely figure in the action, with the exception of a supervillain called the Flea (Nicolas Bro) who kidnaps Amanda, giving Antboy his first major mission.

Sheri Linden The Hollywood Reporter