Behind The Burly Q

Directed by Leslie Zemeckis
  • USA
  • 97 minutes
  • 2010

Behind the Burly Q is the behind-the-scenes story of what was a burlesque show. For the first time ever, the performers from the golden age of burlesque relate their heartbreaking, triumphant stories of life on the road performing in the ’burly’ circuit. Although its origins derive from France, Great Britain and Greece, burlesque became a wildly popular American art form, one that thrived in the early to mid part of the 20th century. During the Great Depression, for a dime a man could fall into a big gaudy burlesque show and forget his troubles.

Amongst those interviewed were former strippers, novelty acts, funny men and women, authors and historians assembled together for the first time ever. Leslie Zemeckis’ affectionate film is the definitive history of burlesque during its heyday. Funny, shocking, unbelievable and heartbreaking, their stories will touch your hearts.

Gráinne Humphreys, JDIFF