Capitalism: A Love Story

Directed by Michael Moore
  • USA
  • 120 minutes
  • 2009

In the 20 years since Michael Moore burst upon the film world with his debut documentary, Roger and Me, the economic climate has decidedly chilled. Now taking aim at the total system rather than just General Motors, he is still analyzing, provoking and commenting on the world’s current crisis. As always, his greatest weapons are his satiric sensibilities and wickedly pointed sense of humour as he now turns his camera on the root causes of the global economic meltdown and the accompanying corporate and political shenanigans that have caused in his words, “the biggest robbery in the history of the United States.”

Moore has never focused on academic queries but he is at best when calling a spade a spade and fearlessly pointing fingers. Capitalism: A Love Story is ironic and richly engaging and will certainly further fuel the populist outcry to the world’s dilemma.

Geoff Gilmore

Capitalism: A Love Story is by turns crude and sentimental, impassioned and invigorating. It posits a simple moral universe inhabited by good little guys and evil big ones, yet the basic thrust of its argument proves hard to resist.”

Xan Brooks, The Guardian