Fantastic Flix Shorts

  • Irish & International
  • 50 mins

Hey Deer!

Director: Örs Bárczy | Hungary | 7 mins | Writer: Örs Bárczy 

Our story is about an adorable, cocoa-drinking, and fastidious deer who shovels the snow in front of his house every day.


Director: Peter Stanley-Ward | UK |  15 mins Writers: Peter Stanley-Ward, Natalie Conway

Helped by her self-made flying mechanical creatures, a young inventor and a pint-sized superhero defeat the town bullies and find an unexpected friendship.

Spring Jam

Director: Ned Wenlock New Zealand 5 mins | Writer: Ned Wenlock

A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, knows he needs to improvise sweet music if he's to have any chance during the mating season.


Director: Drew Roper UK 10 mins | Writers: Drew Roper, Mike Cooper

Bartholomew is an unemployed stop-motion puppet. When auditions are announced for a new acting role, he dreams of becoming a star of the silver screen.

Head Up!

Director: Gottfried Mentor Germany 3 mins

Two goats are learning from each other.

Frozen Fun

Director: Verena Fels Germany 4 mins | Writer: Verena Fels

A snowball fight is fun for everyone! Because it's sooo cold outside, the penguin has to think of something special to get its friends to join in the game. 


Director: Polina Minchenok Russia  9 mins | Writer: Polina Minchenok

The whole village is scared of the big grey wolf with fangs, but one small girl finds the courage to help him and they become friends.

Age Suitability: 4 - 7