Directed by Mira Fornay
  • Ireland / CzechRepublic / Slovakia
  • 2009

Award-winning short filmmaker Mira Fornay’s first feature, an Irish/ Czech/Slovakian co-production, is a riveting character-driven drama with powerful central performances from Réka Derzsi and Rita Banczi.

Alzbeta (Derzsi) is desperate to find a man and create a new home for herself in Ireland – her family home back in Slovakia is being torn down to make way for a motorway. Her older sister Tina (Banczi) is engaged to an Irishman (Monaghan) and wants to help her out, but Alzbeta categorically refuses her assistance. There remains something unsaid between the two sisters – something they will both have to deal with if they are ever to pull themselves out of their respective downward spirals.

Foxes tells the story about envy, jealousy, and dependency between two sisters, but mainly about their love for one another. It is a simple story about betrayal, redemption and forgiveness. It’s a sister’s love–story.

Rory Bonass, JDIFF

Réka Derzsi, Rita Banczi, Aaron Monaghan, Jonathan Byrne