Directed by Bobby Paunescu
  • Romania
  • 94 minutes
  • 2009

Francesca is the debut of Bobby Paunescu, a leading producer in new Romanian cinema. Francesca (Barladeanu) is a young kindergarten teacher whose dream is to leave Romania and migrate to Italy for a better life. She is relying on her boyfriend Mita (Boguta) to join her in Italy as soon as he finishes a small business he’s involved in, but her plans are threatened as painful truths come to light.

‘Paunescu makes an intriguing debut with an immigration yarn given substance by its blackly comic view of the characters and an involving performance by Monica Birladeanu… The basic joke is that, though many Romanians think Italians are only a cut above uncivilized, they consider each other equally duplicitous. But Francesca is still in thrall of the post-communist dream that a better life is to be lived elsewhere, preferably in West Europe.’

Derek Elley, Variety

Monica Barladeanu, Doru Boguta, Teo Corban