Directed by Bruno Dumont
  • France
  • 100 minutes
  • 2009

In one of his most uncompromising works to date, Bruno Dumont (Life of Jesus) undertakes a topical exploration of the psychology of religious extremism and martyrdom. Expelled from a convent for her overzealous faith, teenage Céline (Julie Sokolowski) reluctantly returns to a life of comfort and privilege as the daughter of a French government minister. Back in Paris and farther from God, she makes a new friend, an Arab boy who introduces her to the cités, housing projects full of Arab and African immigrants, an alien world but one where faith exerts a familiar sway. As hard-headed and at times as enigmatic as its unforgettable heroine, Hadewijch is a movie on a quest: at once a sincere theological inquiry and a provocative political meditation.

New York Film Festival Programme

“… an austere, deeply questioning examination of a devout young woman having an intense crisis of faith… the film is exquisitely molded, dramatically parched and entirely sincere…”

Justin Chang, Variety

Julie Sokolowski, Yassine Salime, David Dewaele