Surprise Film 2018

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"No one, not even the projectionist, knows what the film is - until the very last minute."

Gráinne Humphreys, Festival Director

The Just Eat Surprise Film 2018 was.....



The Story Behind the Surprise Film

In 1985, the late Michael Dwyer launched the first Dublin Film Festival. The inaugural festival had a diverse programme that contained such future classics as Heimat, Insignificance and The Official Version.

Only after the programme had gone to press, did he and fellow founder Myles Dungan discover that they were one film short. With characteristic flair, Michael Dwyer turned this potential mishap into one of the most beloved slots in the festival; the Surprise Film.

In the 33 years since the first Surprise Film, the structure of the festival has changed only slightly. Each year, the Surprise Film, sponsored by Just Eat, is shown amid great speculation and no one – not even the projectionist – knows the film’s title until the first few frames on screen slowly reveal its true identity.


What You Can Expect from The Just Eat Surprise Film 2018

"I am a veteran of the surprise film trenches. I wear the medals and I bear the scars. Sammy and Rosie Get Laid, back in the mid-eighties? Yes, I was there. Likewise Angie, in 1994: if that had been an inflight movie, I’d still have tried to leave.

But these are small prices to have paid for the joys of seeing ­­– before anyone else – The Usual Suspects and Peggy Sue Got Married; 300 and Muppets Most Wanted; Get Out and the divine Galaxy Quest. (God, the snobs and fools who walked out of that one after five minutes!)

Over three decades of the Dublin film festival, in all its incarnations, I have been delighted, amused and sometimes bemused by the surprise film, and the sense of expectation I experience before the curtains part is one of the highlights of my viewing year. In an ideal world, we would be offered the chance to see a surprise film every week, because it’s good for the cinemagoer’s soul. But we do not live in an ideal world, and so the opportunity only comes around once every twelve months. What are you waiting for? Take it."

- John Connolly

Just Eat: Official Sponsor of the Surprise Film