Discover Dublin

Welcome to Dublin, the capital of Ireland, famous for its easy-going charm and cultural heritage. 

Destination Dublin

Dublin, or Baile Atha Cliath in Irish, literally means ‘Ford of the Reed Hurdles’ – the point at which the four earliest roads in the city converged, over the River Liffey.

The city is kept fiercely aware of its Viking heritage, not least because of the regular yells of the Viking Splash tour as it makes its way through Dublin. Through the centuries an insatiable appetite for the craic and an unruly artistic streak have helped shape Dublin into the city it is today - a vibrant capital that’s still inclined to move at an easy-going pace. This suits the students of Dublin perfectly; and having three of Ireland’s largest universities in town certainly helps keep the city young. The mix of people of so many ages, and from so many walks of life, keeps the city of its toes, particularly at night time. This mix makes for a lively and welcoming atmosphere in Dublin's myriad of pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs and concert venues.

Dublin has been home to many Irish cultural ambassadors and has had some brilliant stories written in its honour. Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett and Brendan Behan were all proud to have called Dublin home at various points during their lifetimes and James Joyce went so far as to write that when he died, Dublin would be written in his heart.

Similarly, a burgeoning music scene in conjunction with raw and enviable talent has allowed such acts as U2, Sinead O’Connor, Thin Lizzy, Glen Hansard and The Dubliners to flourish. 

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