As one of the most loved and well-known comedians of cinema, Charlie Chaplin may be a character that needs no introduction — but in inventing the character known as The Little Tramp, Chaplin conquered early Hollywood and even built his own studios where he could be in complete control over his universe. Here he made legendary films such as The Dictator, Modern Times, and City Lights. He also created shorts, and we’re delighted to present these three newly restored gems.

The Adventurer

As in so many of his films, Chaplin wrestles with authority and police officers — here as a convict on the run who ends up in a very rich family after saving the mother from drowning. The husband of the daughter is not impressed by the new hero’s presence and does everything in his power to get rid of him when he finds out he’s a convict.

The Immigrant

Spending weeks at sea with the tides going high, Chaplin wobbles back and forth on a ship trying to stave off the seasickness and spend his time as well as he can. Upon reaching the shore of New York, he visits a fancy restaurant and meets a lady in distress. Being broke in the city of dreams makes it a lot less inviting than he had hoped for, but Chaplin always finds a way.

The Floorwalker

Trying to make his way through a department store, our main character causes all the mayhem that we can expect from him as he partially or completely demolishes the store while getting entangled in a vicious scheme by the company owners.

With live musical accompaniment from Serge Bromberg.

Filmmakers in attendance.