Discover Graphic Design for Filmmaking

Sat 17th Feb / The Ark / 11:00 & 14:30

Passports, love letters, prison escape maps... it’s not just the movie poster a graphic designer makes, but also any paper props that the actors work with on set. In this workshop, Annie will show you film clips that will show you just how important graphic props are in filmmaking. Then you will then use some of Annie’s design techniques including stitching, calligraphy and rubber-stamping to create your own spooky prop to take home!

(Extra): Annie has worked with some of the world’s most exciting directors including Steven Spielberg, Wes Anderson and Todd Haynes!

About Annie Atkins:
Annie is an award- winning graphic designer for film and TV and specialises in designing graphic props and set pieces for TV shows and feature films. She was the creative mind behind the gorgeous graphic design and period props in Wes Anderson’s masterpiece, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Schedule & Tickets

17 Feb 11:00 The Ark Book
17 Feb 14:30 The Ark Book