Fantastic Flix: Music in Film Workshop with Morgan Cooke

16 Feb / The Ark / Ages 5-7

Join musician and performer Morgan Cooke as he guides you through this fun class for young musicians. Together, you will explore and create a soundtrack to short film Micilín Muc. At the end of the workshop, there will be a live performance of the soundtrack for friends & family. Morgan is an actor, musician and teacher. Head of Singing at the Lir Academy, ensemble member of Moonfish Theatre (Star of the Sea, Pinocchio A Nightmare), and composer and performer with Outlandish Theatre (Youtopia, ExhibitUs, Come Into The Gardens).

Presented in partnership with The Ark with short film Miclín Muc from the IFI Irish Film Archive.

Tickets: €11.50/€8.50

Schedule & Tickets

16 Feb 11:00 The Ark
16 Feb 14:00 The Ark