12,000 Years Of Blindness

Directed by Rod Stoneman
  • Ireland
  • 95 minutes
  • 2007

There are 50 million blind people in the world; 90% of these people live in developing countries.

‘What use is an exterior view of the factory if I cannot see what is going on inside the building in terms of relationships, wage labour, capital, international investments – a photograph says nothing about the factory itself’ Bertolt Brecht.

Filmed images reproduce the appearance of things and therefore to some extent reaffirm the existence of them; representations that show things as they are – not as they could be. 80% of all blindness is avoidable.

*Screening with the short film, A Tourist Excursion to the Burren.

“Of all noxious animals, too, the most noxious is a tourist…” Francis Kilvert, Diary, 5th April 1870.

I n December 2005 Rod Stoneman was commissioned by the Burren Spring Conference and encountered the Burren with an ordinary group of tourists on a short tour, exploring the landscape and its historical and cultural environment through fresh eyes. What perspective and expectation do tourists bring to Burren? Does it offer a meaningful experience? How do the interpretations offered by guides frame it for the newcomer?