A Man’s Story

Directed by Varon Bonicos
  • UK
  • 91 minutes
  • 2012

A Man’s Story is a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the British-born designer Ozwald Boateng who at 23 was the youngest and first black tailor to open a shop on London’s Savile Row. Known for his flamboyant take on traditional British bespoke tailoring, Boateng’s star-studded clientele includes Gabriel Byrne, Jude Law, Richard Branson and Spike Lee, who make cameo appearances in the movie. Tall, loose-limbed and always impeccably dressed, Boateng is his own best advertisement for the sharp suits he designs – and knows it.

Directed by Varon Bonicos, who also created the TV series House of Boateng, the documentary covers the ups and downs of the past twelve years of the designer’s career from his first show in Paris in 1999 to his blockbuster presentation in Leicester Square that closed London Fashion Week in 2010.

Narrated in his own words, it follows Boateng’s promotional forays into Russia, China, and the US, his appointment as creative director of Givenchy in Paris and his return to his native Ghana to stage a mammoth African Union fashion show in 2007. It also provides glimpses into his private life, revealing how the pressures and demands of international fashion success take its toll on fatherhood and family relationships. - Deirdre McQuillan, Fashion Editor, The Irish Times