Aftermath (pokłosie)

Directed by Władysław Pasikowski
  • Poland
  • 107 minutes
  • 2012
Winner, Journalists’ Prize, Gdynia Film Festival

Władysław Pasikowski has finally succeeded in completing his long-awaited feature inspired by the 1942 Jedwabne pogrom, erroneously attributed to the Nazis. Pokłosie (Aftermath) deals with the attempt made by two brothers Jozek (Maciej Stuhr) and Franciszek (Ireneusz Czop) to break the conspiracy of silence among the residents of a fictional village where a Jedwabne-style massacre had taken place. ‘We already have a huge number of films on the horrors committed by the Soviets and the Germans, and it’s time to say what terrible things we did ourselves,’ said Pasikowski.

On another level, the tormented relationship and lack of mutual understanding between Jozek and Franciszek in their search for the truth can be read as metaphor for the Polish-Polish war. Enhanced by the warm smoothness of Paweł Edelman’s cinematography, Pokłosie smacks of the best Hollywood thrillers.

Krakow Post