All of a Sudden

Directed by Asli Özge
  • Germany-France-Netherlands
  • 112 mins
  • 2016
  • German (with English subtitles)

Expertly combining suspense, social satire, and psychological study, and aided by strong and nuanced performances, All of a Sudden is an elegant examination of guilt and innocence. After the party in Karsten’s apartment, everybody leaves except Anna. Admiringly, Karsten approaches this mysterious woman. How could he have known that in a moment of weakness his well-established life would spiral out of control and turn into a disaster? In this small provincial German town, disappointment soon fuels anger, justice hides behind hypocrisy, and evil gradually unfolds.

This psychological drama generates most of its power from the precise direction and the wonderful lead performance by Sebastian Hülk.

Gráinne Humpreys, Festival Director

Sebastian Hülk
Julia Jentsch
Hanns Zischler