All In Good Time

Directed by Nigel Cole
  • UK
  • 93 minutes

“Me dad is watching Top Gear,” Atul tells his virgin bride. “That gives us 45 minutes!” Romance, in All in Good Time, is alive and well and living in Bolton, Lancashire, where young lovers Atul (Reece Ritchie) and Vina (Amara Karan) are just embarking on their life together. A dream honeymoon awaits them, but when the travel agent does a runner with their cash, they’re forced to spend their wedding night, and every other night, at Atul’s crowded family home, where their attempts to consummate their marriage are thwarted by the interference of his father, the boisterous and overbearing Eeshwar (Harish Patel).

Eeshwar doesn’t think much of his son and doesn’t try to hide it, despite the mediation of his wise and long-suffering wife Lopa (Meera Syal, in a stand-out performance), and as the young couple’s efforts to kick start their married life become increasingly fraught, the tensions between bride and groom, and between father and son, threaten to spiral out of control.

Adapted from Ayub Khan-Din’s critically-acclaimed play Rafta Rafta, and stylishly directed by Nigel Cole (Calendar Girls, Made in Dagenham), All in Good Time is a sensitive and nuanced portrait of young love, and of two generations struggling to understand each other. - Alistair Daniel, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Amara Karan, Reece Ritchie, Meera Syal, Harish Patel