Fantastic Flix: Alone in Space / Ensamma I Rymden

Directed by Ted Kjellsson
  • Sweden
  • 1hr 24min
  • 2018
  • Swedish with English subtitles

Two children become lost in space in this immersive adventure that doesn’t shy away from big questions and themes. Two siblings are the only ones left in an evacuation spaceship - but they must fight to survive following a crash and an encounter with aliens.

Featuring impressive visual effects and design, the movie is a thrilling and thought-provoking movie for kids with charming nods to the films their families grew up with. 

A great, zipping space adventure with a vital message. Aliens can make great friends and allies. Our differences are that which can bring us together.

Sarah Ahern, Fantastic Flix Programmer

Ella Rae Rappaport
Dante Fleischanderl
Henrik Ståhl

Schedule & Tickets

25 Feb 10:00 Odeon, Blanchardstown