Apartment In Athens

Directed by Ruggero Diapola
  • Italy
  • 2011

Helmed with style and aplomb by first-time director Ruggero Diapola, this adaptation of G. Wescott’s 1945 novel Apartment In Athens is a remarkably accomplished tale of hatred, revenge and freedom, set in 1940s Greece. Featuring star turns from Laura Morante (previously seen in Molière) and Gerasimos Skiadaressis, the film is also based on a little-known historical occurrence during World War II.

The Helianos family, middle-aged and settling into a comfortable existence, live in an apartment in Athens with their wayward ten-year-old son and twelve year-old daughter. However, they soon find their life is blown apart with the sudden arrival of the cruel and methodical Captain Kalter, who has been ordered to commandeer their living quarters. His brutal reign of terror reduces the family to shells of their former selves as they spend each day dreading their master’s orders. When he is ordered to return to Germany, they discover that freedom no longer has any meaning. And when the domineering Kalter returns, they are relieved but he is a changed man, receptive and accommodating, striking a worryingly fragile balance in the apartment. - Colm McAuliffe, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

This screenings is kindly supported by the Italian Institute of Culture.

Gerasimos Skidaressis, Laura Morante, Richard Sammel