Directed by Konstantin Bojanov
  • Bulgaria
  • 2011

A road movie sustained by the perfectly calibrated, soulful performances of two youngsters barely out of their teens, Konstantin Bojanov’s feature film debut manages to capture not only the frame of mind of his country’s young generation but also some of their dreams and the crises they undergo.

Art student Kamen (Ovanes Torosyan) is trying to hitchhike his way to a small town called Ruse, to attend the funeral of his closest friend who had committed suicide. On the roadside, he meets impish Avé (Andjela Nedyalkova) who jumps into the first ride he gets, claiming she is going to Ruse as well. She sticks to him like glue with each subsequent ride to their destination, every time inventing a new story for their relationship. Once she pretends he is her brother; then that he is her pervert boyfriend; later that she is accompanying him back home where they are grieving for his brother killed in Iraq. She never warns him beforehand of her next fib until, enraged, he tries to get rid of her but without success.

The picture clearly points out the generational gap between parents who are either too stiff or too removed from their offspring, who are disconcerted by the world around them and trying to escape, without quite knowing where to. - Dan Fainaru, Screen International

Andjela Nedyalkova, Ovanes Torosyan, Martin Brambach, Svetlana Yancheva