Directed by Brian Welsh
  • UK
  • 1hr 42min
  • 2019
  • English

An unlikely friendship that unfolds in the heady days of the 1990s rave scene forms the heart of Brian Welch’s film, adapted from Kieran Hurley’s acclaimed stage play. Set in a small Scottish town where rave is on the rise, we meet Johnno and Spanner, two young men aiming for the time of their lives before they go their separate ways. Set to a pulsating soundtrack, it’s a tale of the collective power of music and youth.

Shot in luminous black and white, a bittersweet coming of age story is told with great charm and humour.

Gráinne Humphreys, Festival Director

Amy Manson
Laura Fraser
Gemma McElhinney

Filmmakers in Attendance

Schedule & Tickets

2 Mar 20:30 Light House Cinema