Best Intentions (din Dragoste Cucele Mai Bune Intentii)

Directed by Adrian Sitaru
  • Romania / Hungary / France
  • 105 minutes

A mother’s mild stroke brings out the control freak lurking inside many an Everyman frightened by the vulnerability of loved ones in Adrian Sitaru’s sophomore feature, Best Intentions. Alex (Bogdan Dumitrache) is a real guy’s guy, the kind who hangs on to tattered underwear and gets annoyed when g.f. Delia (Alina Grigore) throws it out. When his father (Marian Ralea) calls to say his mom (Natasa Raab) is in the hospital following a stroke, Alex hightails it to the train station with a head full of anxieties. The ensuing days are filled with helpful strangers and friends whose unsolicited advice about where best to have her treated, accompanied by horror stories of similar cases, further unsettles Alex.

Constantly second-guessing his parents’ choices, Alex is sucked into a nightmare world of his own creation: he’s desperate to make the right decisions, yet his limited medical knowledge means worry is offset by a very masculine need for domination. The style suits the tense atmosphere, carefully contained so as to remain consistently real; the choice of widescreen allows the hospital room to feel at once like its own vast world and a constricted place where neuroses can breed unchecked. - Jay Weissberg, Variety



Bogdan Dumitrache, Natasa Raab, Marian Ralea