Black Mountain Poets

“a delightfully shaggy mistaken­identity comedy” ­ Guy Lodge, Variety

A frantic, antic nocturnal urban prologue introduces Claire (Wells) and Lisa Walker (Lowe), two thirty­something sisters who are seemingly engaged in ecologically­motivated sabotage. Bungling the theft of an industrial digger, the inept siblings escape into the countryside, where they do prove successful in stealing a rather smaller form of motorized transport. The car they make off with belongs to successful poets the Wilding sisters (Hannah Daniel, Claire Cage), who were on their way to a literary retreat in the Welsh hills. The scatterbrained Walkers capriciously decide to assume the Wildings' identity, and are welcomed unquestioningly upon arrival at the remote farmhouse where the event is based.

Reportedly shot in just five days, Black Mountain Poets belies its minimal cost thanks to cinematographer Ryan Owen Eddleston's fetching widescreen­digital renditions of the alluringly elemental Welsh countryside. The picture exudes a beguilingly breezy and casual unpretentiousness that chimes neatly with the Walkers' off­the­cuff approach to their "art", exemplified when Lisa semi­mockingly turns the banal contents of a store receipt into a dramatic poem.

Neil Young The Hollywood Reporter