Brothers (brodre)

With the support of the Royal Norwegian Embassy

“Aslaug Holm's documentary diary of her sons' youth is delightful and distinctive enough to withstand the 'Boyhood' comparisons.” - Guy Lodge, Variety

The documentary answer to 'Boyhood'. A poetic and worldly-wise film shot over eight years, as the Norwegian director's two boys grow up.

Markus and Lukas are brothers and the sons of the Norwegian filmmaker Aslaug Holm, who over the course of more than eight years has filmed their childhood and youth from when they were five and eight years old. The result is an unusually poetic and almost epic home movie. Big brother Markus loves soccer and is dreaming of playing at the top level in Liverpool FC, whereas little brother Lukas is less physical and more philosophically inclined. But then again, human nature is more complicated than that, and Aslaug Holm's great talent comes through in the way she manages to show the tiny details that sometimes make way for big changes in the brother's relation. And she doesn't shy away from showing how the presence of her camera itself complicates the rules of the family game. Holm's beautiful film takes part in the boys' dreams and expectations with both tenderness and an adult eye, and follows the brothers all the way into the wildness of teenage life. You will recognise much from your own life, and be reminded of even more.

Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival

The filmmakers will attend the screening on Saturday the 20th Feb