Directed by Cindy Meehl
  • US
  • 88 minutes
A warmly engaging documentary about Buck Brannaman, also known as the real life “Horse Whisperer.” Drawing from his own nightmarish childhood experiences – his father beat him severely when he didn’t perform rope tricks to perfection – Buck tames wild horses by using gentleness and respect, rather than the more archaic method of breaking them with beatings and lashes. This visually stunning film makes it clear early on that Brannaman’s title is not an exaggeration; his skill with these majestic animals is truly the stuff of legend. More surprisingly, this likable down-to-earth cowboy and raconteur has a way of working with horse and owner as one unit, helping to “fix” the people as well as the animals in order to develop a closer kinship between the two. Director Cindy Meehl has assembled an impressive feature-length debut, bringing outsiders into Buck’s world, and teaching the viewer the magic of relating to horses on a compassionate, human level. - Seattle International Film Festival

Winner, Audience Award for Documentary, Sundance Film Festival

Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Rockport Film Festival

Winner, International Documentary Competition, Bergen International Film Festival