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"A fine­cut tension exercise that eventually ignites into a full­blown home­invasion thriller.” ­ Guy Lodge, Variety

In Alice Winocour’s taut, tough­minded and beautifully controlled drama, Victor (Far from the Madding Crowd’s Matthias Schoenaerts), an Afghanistan veteran prone to panic attacks, finds a cushy one­night gig on a security detail policing a swanky party at Maryland, the palatial coastal home of Whalid (Percy Kemp) a wealthy Lebanese businessman. While on the job, he catches the eye of Whalid’s striking wife Jessie (Diane Kruger) ­ or is it she that catches his eye? In short order, Victor finds himself hired as a bodyguard for Jessie and her son, despite the fact that the serious psychological problems brought about by his wartime experiences make it hard for him at times to distinguish fantasy from reality. Alone with his charges on a weekend, Victor begins to suspect that something is seriously amiss. But are the dangers he detects real or are they just PTSD symptoms writ large.

Vancouver International Film Festival