Dublin on Screen

Directed by The First Was a Boy: Shaun Dunne / Confinement: Trish McAdam / There's No Place Like Home: Mia Mullarkey and the Screen8 Participants
  • Ireland
  • 1hr 05 mins
  • 2019
  • English

This special screening 'Dublin on Screen' will celebrate the work and storytelling of three very unique, community based projects.

The First Was a Boy
Shaun Dunne’s directorial debut explores the special bonds between grandparents and their grandchildren, and looks at themes of grief and ageing. Produced by Children’s Cultural Centre The Ark, and shot by Luca Truffarelli, it’s based on a series of interviews with older and younger members of the Ringsend community.

Time and place are explored in this film which imagines the architectural, psychological and sociopolitical changes in the area between Dublin’s Henrietta Street and the DIT Campus (formerly St Brendan’s/Grangegorman Asylum). The film features an original music score and voices invented by the artist, echoing things that she imagines could have been said.

There's No Place Like Home
In this short documentary, young Dublin 8 film students are on a quest to find out why there’s a homeless crisis in their country, and what can be done. The film includes moving testimonies from people who are homeless and captures a sense of the anger of a nation. It asks the question: how can four thousand children be in emergency accommodation when Ireland is the 14th richest country in the world?

The First Was a Boy is supported by The Ark.

There's No Place Like Home and the Screen 8 programme is supported by The Digital Hub.

Schedule & Tickets

1 Mar 11:00 Light House Cinema