Dublin Here, Dublin There

DIFF has a strong history of successful outreach programmes and has a fantastic reputation of working with festivals around the world. In 2016 we plan to further our outreach strands by bringing the festival to international locations within the festival dates. We propose to do this by connecting towns and villages around the world that share the name of Dublin.

Through this journey we have allied with the wonderful communities of Dublin in Ohio, Texas and Virginia - who have each offered us their knowledge, resources and venues to help share a programme of the best Irish shorts with audiences in the US.Through this programme we wish to enliven Dublin communities globally, with some of the festival magic and exclusive experiences that DIFF can offer. The project aims to strengthen the festival’s connection, and indeed Dublin (Ireland!)’s connection with these communities to bring awareness as well as Ireland’s love of cinema, to the greater worldwide diaspora.

Sarah Ahern Audi Dublin International Film Festival