Fís Na Fuiseoige

Place and Identity are an entity unto themselves within the Irish language and in particular, Irish Poetry. Their amalgamation is something precious and sacred to behold and is celebrated in the verse of our country’s poets.

In this documentary, the Irish language is conveyed in it’s most pure form, celebrating a sense of place and it’s connection with the people who dwell here. Those who leave Ireland always come back to it, be it spiritually, metaphorically or literally. This relationship and connection to the construct of the Irish identity works side by side with local lore and it’s poetic germination.

Stunningly shot, both from the air and on land, with birds­eye photography that further lends itself to give the lrish landscape its own living and breathing persona. It’s voice, though constant and ever present in its poetry, is refracted from person and place, countryside to city, north to south, and between the past and present.

Paul Donnelly Audi Dublin International Film Festival