Green Room

“The director of Blue Ruin heads back to the woods for a crowd­pleasing shocker with some jaw­dropping gore” ­ Benjamin Lee, The Guardian

The set­up is bluntly effective, as desperate four­piece the Ain’t Rights reluctantly take a replacement gig in a backwoods Oregon venue run by white supremacists. In true punk spirit,they begin their set with Dead Kennedys cover ‘Nazi Punks F*** Off’, which, as you’d imagine,goes down a storm with their skinhead audience. But it’s when they inadvertently witness a young girl’s murder in the eponymous hospitality room, that events turn decidedly inhospitable.

With the band barricaded inside, along with the girl’s friend Amber (Imogen Poots), the bad guys summon their head honcho Darcy (Patrick Stewart), a ruthless drug lord who quickly resolves to cover up the scene and eliminate all witnesses to the crime.

In less assured hands Green Room could become a Z­grade B­movie ­ the frequency of gruesome practical special effects, as bellies, throats and heads are hacked, ripped out and blown apart, isn’t far off a splatter movie. But, smart, scary and with a spurting vein of blood- soaked black humour, Green Room is a romping, stomping, powerhouse grindhouse flick, an exhilarating throwback to midnight movies and an instant cult film in the making.

Leigh Singer IGN