Her Smell

Directed by Alex Ross Perry
  • USA
  • 2hr 14min
  • 2018
  • English

Elisabeth Moss excels as an unconventional rocker in this emotionally intense drama written and directed by Alex Ross Perry. Moss is Becky Something, a 90s rocker whose all-female trio once filled arenas and commanded adoration. Now playing smaller venues while struggling with home life and a chaotic life on the road, Becky finds herself increasingly alienated. It’s time to clean up her act and find the creative force that once made her the star she was. 

Elisabeth Moss tears into the role of Becky Something, a strung-out hellion indie rock star of the early ’90s, like an angry lioness ripping through a slab of raw meat.


Elisabeth Moss
Cara Delevingne
Dan Stevens

Schedule & Tickets

21 Feb 20:15 Cineworld