Hounds of Love

Directed by Ben Young
  • Australia
  • 108 mins
  • 2016
  • English

Set in Perth in 1987 and inspired by real crimes, this feature debut from director Ben Young takes place in the aftermath of a murderous couple’s abduction of a teenager on a steamy summer evening. Though she’s a captive, 17 year-old Vicki Maloney isn’t powerless. Suspecting the many problems plaguing her captors, and attuned to marital issues following her own parents’ recent split, Vicki fights for her life by trying to expose the imbalances in their relationship.

A haunting new take on the serial killer genre, Ben Young's feature is a bold and brilliantly acted debut which will leave you scared to walk home at night.

Gráinne Humpreys, Festival Director

Ashleigh Cummings
Emma Booth
Stephen Curry