Intruder in the Dust

Directed by Clarence Brown
  • USA
  • 1hr 27min
  • 1949
  • English

An adaptation of William Faulkner’s novel, shot on location in Mississippi by Clarence Brown, Intruder in the Dust features a commanding performance by Juano Hernandez as Lucas Beauchamp, a black man accused of murder in the Deep South. Intruder earned critical acclaim, including appreciations by black commentators: Ralph Ellison (Invisible Man) observed it was the only Hollywood race film that wouldn’t provoke “unintended laughter” in a Harlem theatre. 

The film will be introduced by Dr Gwenda Young, co-Head of the Discipline of Film and Screen Media at University College Cork.

David Brian
Claude Jarman Jr.
Juano Hernandez

Schedule & Tickets

27 Feb 14:00 Light House Cinema