Directed by Li Cheng
  • Guatemala / USA
  • 1hr 25min
  • 2018
  • Spanish with English Subtitles

A dream of a better life forms the heart of José, a drama set among the impoverished back streets of Guatemala City. There, José lives with his adoring mother, both of them eking out whatever income they can.
But when he falls in love with another young man, he becomes torn between his loyalties to his mother and his own needs. Director Li Cheng’s film was made with non-professional actors, giving a sense of realism and authenticity. 

A modest, beautifully pitched film about desire in a culture defined by crime, violence, religion and family ties

Gráinne Humphreys, Festival Director

Enrique Salanic
Manolo Herrera
Ana Cecilia Mota

Schedule & Tickets

2 Mar 16:00 Light House Cinema