Fantastic Flix: Land Of Glass / Landet Af Glas

Directed by Marie Rønn, Jeppe Vig Find
  • Denmark
  • 1hr 28min
  • 2018
  • Danish with English subtitles

Teenager Jas discovers that a girl and an elderly woman are hiding in a barn near his home. They seem otherworldly, look different to anyone he has ever met and say that they came from the forest. When he discovers they are not human, but elves hiding from malevolent forces, he embarks on a risky journey to save them in this endearing blend of fantasy and drama, geared towards family audiences.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Denmark in Dublin

This film will be preceded by The Wiremen 

Director: Jessica Patterson / Producer: Dave Minogue / Ireland / 9 mins

When electricity is first brought to rural Ireland, a young girl believes this new power is in fact a faerie who has entered her home with ‘the Light’. Her attempts at capturing this magical visitor unwittingly cause a blackout and ultimately summon the sinister creatures who haunt the surrounding countryside, the keepers of the Light


With introduction by Dan Colley.

Dan Colley is a director, dramaturg and programmer from Dublin. As Director of Collapsing Horse Theatre he has directed The Water Orchard (with Eoghan Quinn, co-produced by Project Arts Centre) The Aeneid, Bears in Space, Conor: at the end of the Universe, Human Child, Distance from the Event and Monster/Clock. With Collapsing Horse, Dan is Theatre Artist in Residence in the Riverbank Arts Centre and co-Artistic Director of Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival. As a dramaturg Dan has worked with Macnas, Dublin Fringe Festival, WillFredd and Sugarglass Theatre among others.  

Mother nature can often teach us a thing or two about perspective. A beautifully shot Danish, fantasy drama that delicately unearths themes of loss and friendship through magic.

Sarah Ahern, Fantastic Flix Programmer

Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt
Flora Ofelia Hofmann Lindahl
Arien Takiar
Vigga Bro
Adam Brix

Schedule & Tickets

26 Feb 10:30 Light House