Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Directed by Tom Tykwer
  • Germany / France / Spain / USA
  • 2hr 27min
  • 2006
  • English

Tom Tykwer’s 2006 tale of murder and obsession in 18th century France caused much debate upon release. At the heart of the story is Ben Whishaw’s memorable turn as Jean-Baptiste, a perfumier who uses the scents most evocative to him to create his unique fragrances. But he is harbouring much deeper and darker passions, and when 12 young girls are found murdered, terror and confusion stalks the community in which he works. 

As part of our Inspirations Strand, with a special introduction from Liz Nugent


Cert: 15A

From the moment I read this book and then saw the visually stunning film, I knew I wanted to write a story told from the POV of the sociopath/psychopath. I need to know what makes them tick. Tock.

Liz Nugent

Ben Whishaw
Dustin Hoffman
Alan Rickman

Schedule & Tickets

1 Mar 13:00 Light House Cinema