Picnic at Hanging Rock

Directed by Peter Weir
  • Australia
  • 1hr 55min
  • 1975
  • English

Peter Weir’s 1975 classic is widely acclaimed for its sense of mystery, sexual fear and hysteria, stunning cinematography and cultural undertones. Set in 1900, it tells of a group of girls from a strict boarding school who embark on a picnic to a local beauty site. When three of the girls and one of their teachers vanish, Weir allows his film to raise more questions than it answers, creating a groundbreaking cinematic experience.

As part of our Inspirations Strand, with a special introduction from Tana French

Cert: PG

I love this film for its overwhelming sense of the almost-known, of some revelation shimmering at the edge of your mind, just out of reach.

Tana French

Rachel Roberts
Anne-Louise Lambert
Vivean Gray

Schedule & Tickets

22 Feb 16:00 Light House Cinema