Directed by Constantin Popescu
  • Romania / France
  • 2hr 32min
  • 2017
  • Romanian with English Subtitles

Romanian filmmaker Constantin Popescu’s critically acclaimed feature centres on a family man left emotionally shattered by the unsolved disappearance of his daughter. On the face of it, Tudor and Cristina have an idyllic life, living in a comfortable suburb of Bucharest with their two young children. But during a trip to the local playground, their little girl disappears, leading to panic, despair and recrimination. This slow-burning thriller taps into every parent’s greatest fear.

“Pororoca” is a simmering, gradually harrowing film heavy on incidental information at the frayed edges of its drama.


Bogdan Dumitrache
Iulia Lumânare
Constantin Dogioiu

Schedule & Tickets

25 Feb 20:20 Light House Cinema