Rum 213

Directed by Emelie Lindblom
  • Sweden
  • 1hr 36mins
  • 2017


Strange things go bump in the night in Emelie Lindblom’s endearingly eerie ghost story, set around a group of young adults who experience odd goings on while at summer camp. Adapted from the award-winning novel, it’s centred around three friends sent to a disused room when their dorm is flooded. Unnerved by the move and illogical occurrences like missing possessions and supernatural moments, the girls start to suspect that rumours of a ghost haunting the camp may be true – while simultaneously becoming wary of each other.

There will be a short film preceding the screening on Friday March 2nd

Director: Meloni Poole
Runtime:  16mins
Country: UK

On the way to school Mae gets bullied by Heather and her gang. At home Mae sews a felt horse mask a magic totem for protection.

Cert: PG

Mysteries abound in this delightfully spooky tale for teens. Definitely one for goosebumps fans!

Sarah Ahern, Fantastic Flix Programmer

Wilma Lundergren
Arman Fanni
Lisette Pagler
Anki Lidén

Nominated for best Children's Film at Cinekid 2017

Filmmaker in Attendance