The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales / Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes

Directed by Patrick Imbert
  • France
  • 1hr 23mins
  • 2017

Energetic animation and great humour and sight gags loom large in this film from attending director Patrick Imbert Oscar nominee Benjamin Renner, sourced from his own graphic novel.

There’s a spirit of the classic ‘Looney Tunes’ style in the zany sense of fun in this movie, a three-part story in which characters we think we know as ‘types’ are anything but. The action, peppered with little wisdoms, is set around such vibrant characters as a cute but clumsy rabbit, a wacky duck and a well-meaning pig.

Prepare to be tickled! A pig who acts like a stork, a fox that dresses as a chicken and a duck pretending to be Santa. Need we say more?

Sarah Ahern, Fantastic Flix Programmer

Kamel Abdessadok
Jules Bienvenu
Guillaume Bouchède

Filmmaker in Attendance

Director Patrick Imbert will attend this screening.