Treat Me Like Fire

Directed by Marie Monge
  • France
  • 1hr 45min
  • 2018
  • French with English Subtitles

Tehar Rahim (A Prophet) is a gambler on the wrong side of the tracks in filmmaker Marie Monge’s striking debut feature. Ella (Stacy Martin) senses he is bad news from the moment they meet, but he makes her feel alive. They embark on a passionate romance which leads her down a very dangerous path. Unfolding in the urban side streets, casinos and metro tunnels of Paris by night, it’s an atmospheric, dynamic thriller. 

With the support of the French Embassy in Ireland

A heavy and hot-blooded tale of love, money and one very bad boyfriend.

The Hollywood Reporter

Tahar Rahim
Stacy Martin
Bruno Wolkowitch

Schedule & Tickets

25 Feb 20:15 Light House Cinema