Virgin Media DIFF Shorts 2

Directed by Various
  • Various
  • 1 hr 35 mins
  • 2018
  • English

Screen Ireland Shorts programme, selected by Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival.

Bunny - Director: Shaun Hughes Producer: Alysia Maciejowska, David Brown / UK
A young man with rabbit ears is challenged by disruptive outsiders to face up to his delusion, and risks losing the final bond to his dead mother.
Coyote - Director: Lorenz Wunderle / Producer: Ramon Schoch, Lukas Pulver / Switzerland
A coyote loses his wife and children in an attack by wolves. Anguished from human emotions he‘s trying to process the experience. Besides grief and delusion, evil takes up more and more space.
The Brother - Director: Summer Agnew / Producer: Dan Higgins, Matt Noonan, Stephan Fruth, Summer Agnew / New Zealand
An outcast returns to uncover a long-buried truth but he finds the high-country wilderness even more dangerous than he remembers.
War Paint - Director: Nat Luurtsema / Producer: Diarmuid Hughes / UK
An enigmatic narcissist befriends a despondent loner from Book Club and drags her on a gruesome misadventure.
The Interview - Director: Al Brennan / Producer: Atlas Films / Ireland
A man wakes up on the day of an important job interview with a stupendous hangover. As he rushes to get the train his day unravels in spectacular fashion.
MJ - Director: Jamie Delaney / Producer: Nancy Ryan / UK
In an attempt to find purpose in a dangerously over-saturated and alienating society, Mary Jane turns people’s addition to social media against them... to deadly effect.
The Sermon - Director: Dean Puckett / Producer: Rebecca Wolff / UK
A young woman’s secret rocks an isolated church community in this disturbing folk horror tale.

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24 Feb 20:15 Light House Cinema